QuikStart Briefing Guide Questionnaire

Part Three - Your Perfect Prospect

Now that we understand what your business does and what makes it different from your competitors, we need to really understand what type of person will be your best customer/prospect.  We know that every business would like as many customers as possible.  But, in reality, there are segments of people or businesses that are a more natural fit with your product/service.  The more targeted your focus, the easier it will be to build a website that really appeals to and engages your "perfect prospect."

Again, the more detailed you can be about this person/business, the easier it will be to write content that holds their attention and keeps them at your website. 

Describe your ideal (primary) audience:

What is their average age?:
What is their average annual income:

What is their average education level:

Are they primarily...:

Where do they live? (close to your business or across the U.S.):

Other information that might help us better understand who you sell to: