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Mac's Idea Factory

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1. Chris McIntyre
Job Title
Business Name Mac's Idea Factory
Business Address 119 Encino Blanco
City San Antonio
State Texas - TX
Zip Code 78232
Direct Phone Number
Mobile # (w/area code) 210-275-9778
Type of Business Specialties
Years in Business 3
Current website address if any www.macsideafactory.com
Working URL (.asenz360.com)
Briefing Guide Completion
15th September, 2008
Perfect Prospect
(Describe your most profitable customer type)
Creative Director/Owner of a Medium-sized Ad Agency – My perfect prospects outsource copy on a regular basis, either because they don’t have adequate copywriters on staff or they have lots of overflow work and desperately need help.
Site Focus
(What do your customers REALLY need to know about your business)
Don’t believe me. Believe the facts. Believe that my ads regularly pull high levels of responses . Believe that my direct mail ideas beat control packages 200% of the time. Believe that my websites generate more click-throughs because I know SEO and work with keywords first. And believe that I’ve worked and trained copywriters at the single largest direct marketing agency in the world.
(List all the words/phrases a prospect may search to find your product/service.)
copywriting tips copywriter services copywriting service copywriting rates copywriter service copywriting freelance copywriting direct response copywriting search engine copywriting copywriting jobs copywriting fees online copywriting copywriting expert copywriters copywriter website copywriting advertising copywriting advertising copywriter professional copywriting copy writers copy writing copy writer writers copywriting fee copywriting rate editing services email copywriting copy writing services internet copywriting website copywriter web site copywriter seo copywriter copywriting tools copywriting tool marketing services freelance copywriters internet copywriter online copywriter direct response copywriter search engine services direct mail copywriter radio copywriting advertising copywriter copywriting companies copywriting for the web web copywriting search engines services web site copywriting business copywriter copywriting marketing writing services web copy writer web copywriters copy writing service copywriter needed freelance writers copywriting company professional copywriter freelance writing freelance copy writer freelance writer copywriting business business writer copywriter wanted marketing writer marketing copywriter copywriting seo creative copywriting sales copywriting brochure copywriting direct marketing copywriting design sales copy sales letters sales copywriter sales letter creative copywriter professional writer persuasive copywriting brochure copywriter brochure writer copywriting consultant ad copywriting ad copywriter optimize services ad copy web copy website copy advertising copy advertising promotion services marketing hourly services copywriting position copywriting prices positioning services position services website marketing fees services copywriting pay copyediting services copywriting symbols copywriting marks proofreading services proofreading copy editing services proofreader services marks services tips services proof services nick usborne copywriting pricing rate services lists services copywriter freelance direct response services direct mail copywriting web design services advertising and copywriting copywriting cost design services edit services web copywriter copywriting work outsource copywriting editing copywriter San Antonio copywriting San Antonio copywriter Texas copywriting Texas
(List your closest competitors and what you like or dislike about their sites)
www.justinclemens.com The look and feel of the site is excellent – very simple and friendly, gives you a sense of who the guy is. The navigation and interactivity of the site is poor. Not enough ways to contact him. www.porticocommunications.com Staci Semrad – The navigation and the interactivity of the site is excellent. The look and feel of the site is terrible – reminds you of a ambulance-chasing trial lawyer. www.mikewoolf.com Mike Woolf, Austin-based writer. Beautiful, creative site. Clever and funny, and good creative. But like my site, there is no way to contact the guy and I bet your bottom dollar, he doesn’t have a lot of traffic.
About Us
(Describe to your prospect how you are different/better than your competitors)
Most writers tell you how good they are at selling or persuading. I don’t sell. I talk to people. And that’s what has set me apart for years and years – my unique ability to talk to you one-on-one as if I was standing next to you in your home or office. That ability has lead to results. And that makes money for you and your business.
Home Page-Orientation Statement
(Short - 12 words or less - statement that tells your prospect they have found the right website)
Big Idea Copywriter. Proven Results for Ad Agencies.
Home Page-Headline
(Address your prospect's biggest concern)
Need copywriting that brings results? You've come to the right place.
Home Page-Headline-copy points
(Describe how your product/service solves the customer's concern)
- As a copywriter and creative director, I started this company based on one guiding principle — ideas. - Hire me, and you’ll get the kind of big ideas that will deliver the high level of responses and profits that you need to stay on top.
Home Page-Subhead1
(Address your prospect's second most important concern)
Distinctive and different
Home Page-Subhead1-copy points
(Describe how your product/service solves this concern)
- Don’t believe what I say, believe the facts. - Believe the response rates of the kick-ass ads I write. - Believe the direct mail ideas that beat control packages 200% of the time. – Believe the websites that generate more click-throughs because I work with keywords first.
Home Page-Subhead 2
(Address your prospect's third most important concern)
A proven, seasoned professional
Home Page-Subhead2-copy points
(describe how your product/service solves their concern)
- 18 years as an award-winning writer and creative director - Extremely flexible, which allows me to work on a project-to-project or an extended-contract basis - Experienced with high-concept branding identity and marketing campaigns - A wide range of copywriting experience, including advertising campaigns, collateral materials, promotions, websites, annual reports, trade show materials and direct marketing campaigns - An experienced presenter, and extremely reliable at partnering in client pitches and new business presentations
Home Page-Call to Action
(What will motivate a prospect to sign in at the site?)
Want to see my latest and greatest work? Get on the Factory Sample Mailing List! I'll send you my latest stuff as soon as it comes in.
(#1 best selling product/service and it's features & benefits)
Meet Mac Bio of Chris McIntyre - 18-year veteran of the advertising world - Got his start in the ad game as a director/producer of industrial shows - From there, he worked as a copywriter and creative director at major agencies in Detroit and Dallas - Now he is based in his home town of San Antonio
(#2 best selling product/service and it's features & benefits)
Portfolio Print Ads, Direct Mail, Promo, Radio, TV, Web All Factory Samples shown below were written by Chris McIntyre. If you like what you see, give him a call!
(#3 best selling product/service and it's features & benefits)

Page6-Inquire Form
(List of contact information you want to collect from your prospects)
Get a Quote It’s easy to get a no-obligation quote from Mac’s Idea Factory. Just fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!
(Describe what will motivate a customer to sign in.)

Page8-Contact Us
(address, directions, maps)
Contact Mac You can consult your oracle, if you need to, but here’s what we’d suggest. Just pick up the phone or shoot Mac an email. It may be the start of a beautiful friendship. Chris McIntyre ("Mac") Print, Web, Broadcast 119 Encino Blanco San Antonio, Texas 78232 210-275-9778 (cell) mac@macsideafactory.com

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