QuikStart360 Briefing Questionnaire

Your QuickStart site consists of 8 pages:
  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • 3 product/services pages (one page for each of your top selling products or services)
  • Promotion or coupon offers page
  • Enquiry Form (also used to collect customer contact information)
  • Contact Us (address, maps, locations, directions, etc.)

The following Briefing Guide will help produce an Internet marketing site that will immediately generate leads for your business.   In other words, your web site will:
  1. Get qualified leads to COME to your site
  2. CAPTURE the interest of these qualified potential customers
  3. Help you CONVERT these leads into customers
Please fill out each part as completely and thoughtfully as possible.

First name:
Last Name:
Job Title:

Business Name :
Mobile # (w/area code):

Current website address if any:
Type of Business:
Years in Business:

Briefing Guide Completion
of ,
(List your closest competitors and what you like or dislike about their sites)
Perfect Prospect
(Describe your most profitable customer type)

About Us
(Describe to your prospect how you are different/better than your competitors)
Site Focus
(What do your customers REALLY need to know about your business)

(List all the words/phrases a prospect may search to find your product/service.)
Home Page-Orientation Statement
(Short - 12 words or less - statement that tells your prospect they have found the right website)

Home Page-Headline
(Address your prospect's biggest concern)
Home Page-Headline-copy points
(Describe how your product/service solves the customer's concern)

Home Page-Subhead1
(Address your prospect's second most important concern)
Home Page-Subhead1-copy points
(Describe how your product/service solves this concern):

Home Page-Subhead 2
(Address your prospect's third most important concern)
Home Page-Subhead2-copy points
(describe how your product/service solves their concern)

Home Page-Call to Action
(What will motivate a prospect to sign in at the site?)
(#1 best selling product/service and it's features & benefits)

(#2 best selling product/service and it's features & benefits)
(#3 best selling product/service and it's features & benefits)

Page6-Inquire Form
(List of contact information you want to collect from your prospects)
(Describe what will motivate a customer to sign in.)

Page8-Contact Us
(address, directions, maps)